PAMHCA is officially dissolving effective December 31, 2014. At that time, the website will no longer be functional.

It is with heavy hearts that the Board voted to dissolve as a Chapter of AMHCA and a Division of PCA. PAMHCA By-laws instruct us to send 70% of what’s left in our treasury to AMHCA and 30% to PCA to be held in escrow for a time in the future should there be a renewed interest in reactivating PAMHCA. Also, current subscriptions to Psychotherapy Networker magazine will end when your PAMHCA membership expires.

Please note that PCA is very actively involved in representing and advocating for all counselors in PA, which directly affects community mental health and private practice counselors. One of the strongest areas for advocacy is PCA’s Government Relations Committee.  PCA members regularly attend monthly meetings of the PA State Licensure Board. They have established a voice at the Board level and have facilitated communication between PCA and State legislators to advocate on behalf of counselors in PA.

Currently the Greater Pittsburgh Counseling Association, a chapter of PCA, is alive and well. They are a regional group serving all professional counselors. You can access their information via the PCA website, Also, several of you have indicated an interest in forming a similar networking group in the Philadelphia area. Please email me by December 20th at if you are interested in participating and/or helping to put that group together.


Marta Smith, M.A.

PAMHCA President

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